Thursday 27 June 2013

Badgers - Jacobite or Whig?

We visited Culloden today. Sarah couldn't decide on her political leanings so she tried them both out, Jacobite and Hanoverian.

 It's been a whirlwind tour and again, over too soon, but we've all had a grand old time, adults and children.  I'll let the wee ones give the tour in their own words.

Jacob (11 years): 
'Beware, when driving out in the country, if you see just what seems like a random stone out in the fields it is probably an ancient standing stone.`

Sarah (8 years): 'I liked all the castles.  Hmmm, I liked that some of them were broken and ruined and some of them were actual working castles and that they were big.  [How big?]  Twelve thousand feet tall!  Five thousand inches... eighteen thousand and a hundred wide.  We got to stay in a castle.  It was AWWWsome, awwesome!
When we got to go in one castle, we got to do a scavenger hunt and after, when we gave it to someone, we got to pick a prize out of the magic box.  When we did the scavenger hunt it was hard for my brother but very easy for me, but mostly my dad found the answers.  I got to annoy my brother. '

Some things don't change, hmm?  Sibling rivalry.