Thursday, 24 January 2019

2019 Season - What's new

There's snow on the ground and all is frozen and still as I write this post, thinking of the coming season of touring Outlander across Scotland.

The tour dates are up and open on the website Jamie and Claire Tour.

This year we will have an additional guide, for your touring pleasure.  Hamish Douglas Burgess.

Hamish on our Borders Tour 2018 - he's a keeper!

Hamish brings his interests and skills to those of Scot and I: he's a piper, a Celtic artist and hosts a few Maui Celtic Radio show, broadcast in various places around the world.
Yup, he lives on Maui, in Hawai'i, when he's not touring with The Irish Rovers as photographer, visiting Celtic festivals to interview musos for his show, or working on art commissions.  Busy man!

Almost as busy as me.  This year we have lots more scheduled two day OTT (Outlander TV Tours) along with the eight day Jamie and Claire Tour which also visits quite a few TV locations along with the book locations and experiences that it is famous for.

As ever, there's two hundred posts here from previous tours and the latest, most frequent updates are to be found on the Faceache page .

I hope we see you this year on tour. 
Le meas, Samantha Nic Choinneach