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The thawing of the Ice

Imbolc took place recently - we usually observe it on February 2nd. It is one of the Celtic Cross-Quarter days, falling between the winter solstice and the spring equinox (12 hours of light/dark). Imbolc or Oimele is the "letting down of the waters", or in the case of Oimele, the "letting down of the milk in the Ewes and Cows" - nearing birthing time. The earth puts forth her springs; the stock put forth their milk.

The celebration of this Quarter-Day has changed over the millenia, what with Calendar changes and shifts in climate, but it's interesting to study the significance of this time in its season. It is a time to honor Brigid. It is a time to take your besom from your hearth and sweep out the settling of winter, and make ready for the coming spring. Have you seen the crocus yet? We've seen the snowdrops blooming and the stalks of crocus and dafs coming up through the snow in our friends' gardens.

We've recently had a full moon on the he…