Monday, 29 October 2012

The Peat Hags Tour

Long overdue as a tour record, but the nights are long here in the Highlands now that the clocks have gone back an hour, so I have time to FINALLY put up a wee blurb about the August tour Journey to the Western Isles, known to those who were on it as The Peat Hags. You'll perhaps recall that our laptop died on day 2 so there was no tour blog.

I will let the pictures, just a few, tell the story.

Sue, err, living dangerously.

Gabe and Sam high in the hills of Skye

Sue  - in the presence of stone

Gwen - contemplating the pilgrimage?

These standing stones have... well... character

Taigh Tugh - the 'black' house
Sue, Gabe, Judy and Gwen.  By a peat stack.  Now you know why it's called the Peat Hags
Next year's Western Isles tour will be a joint effort between ourselves and author Mara Freeman.  It'll take place in June (now fully booked) and in August (places available) and have a spiritual focus - we'll be going to more standing stones and sacred places.  See Mystical Scotland page on Mara's site.