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Raiding the Borders -FB

The third and final repost for those who follow us on faceache.

Blog and Facething followers may have picked up on our enthusiasm recently for "TheBorders" (all one word). By which we mean the borderlands between Scotland and England.

It is a most intriguing area, not quite Scotland and not quite England, but a separate culture. The best bit is that the word "TheBorders" translates into English as "Shhh! don't tell anyone". It is a less visited, hidden, remote and fantastically interesting place.

For some time we have been considering offering a Connoisseur's Tour to The Borders for those perhaps on a second visit to Scotland, or those looking to get beyond the Edinburgh-Lochness-Done-Home experience.

So why go to The Borders? Here's a few pics of our own trips into the hinterland.

Our tour will travel from Edinburgh, south and west through Berwick (a town that still can't decide if it's in Scotland or England, but either way …

Winter Walks -FB

Here's a repost of a recent Blogger post for FaceAche users, now that we have finally managed to connect the feeds. 

Our local village has a Paths and Walking Group.  Today we led a nice, crisp winter walk up a gorge containing The De'il's Cauldron.

The light was that fabulous liquid light of a Scottish winter.

On the shaded side of Glen Lednock, the beech trees are covered in moss.

There were a few climbs

The Wee Cauldron:

Book Ends:

The Peat Hags tour - FB

Here's a repost of an earlier blog for FaceAche followers.
Long overdue as a tour record, but the nights are long here in the Highlands now that the clocks have gone back an hour, so I have time to FINALLY put up a wee blurb about the August tour Journey to the Western Isles, known to those who were on it as The Peat Hags. You'll perhaps recall that our laptop died on day 2 so there was no tour blog.

I will let the pictures, just a few, tell the story.

Next year's Western Isles tour will be a joint effort between ourselves and author Mara Freeman.  It'll take place in June (now fully booked) and in August (places available) and have a spiritual focus - we'll be going to more standing stones and sacred places.  See Mystical Scotland page on Mara's site.