Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Mid-July Tour - Forest Adventures

Day 1.
Our "bonus tour" is under way, Mid July, with 7 lovely guests.  Adventures today:  Cranesmuir, The Stones, Whisky and Ale tasting, Tales of The Black Watch and pictured below an exploration into a wooded gorge, complete with spectacular waterfalls where a Browney does live.

Our friends join Mr Robert Burns in contemplation and composition of poetry
What's  Browney, properly Bruanaidh?  Well, do your Scottish research and find out!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Pony Crushers - July Tour

This Jamie and Claire tour has been dubbed the Pony Crushers tour.  One of our male number, Sam, is rather tall and the ponies we're using aren't.  Need I add more.
Here's the tour in photos.

The Pony Crushers - well, some of them are.

An obvious explanation...

Sheila wades a freezing Scottish river

Scot builds a river sculpture, Heidi imbibes a "Drink Me" bottle

Rita makes a friend, Shug the 9 year old sheep dog

Jennifer learns the ancient art of Highland wool spinning from Linda
The 2016 tour dates have begun to be posted on the website.  Requests are coming in for The Dragonfly in Amber tour for this next year and 2017, so if that's your Parisien bag, then get in touch and make your voice heard in any way you can.