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Getting the Harvest in

This wee post is not a tour blog.  Tour season has ended, big sigh, sore feet, what day is it?

Now it's time to get the white board out and make the long list of winter projects to do.  One of which is to finish the harvest and get the garden put to bed.

Scot has been mowing the meadow and making hay stacks.  There's still a few wee beasites and bees around (unusually warm over 3 days) so he's been leaving some flowers up for them.

I have become "smoothie girl", blending bulk spinach for fruit-smoothies that I will freeze for eeking out over winter.  There is a lot of eeking done here in the winter - Gabaldon and other books to read and make last; currently, "A Thousand Splendid Suns".  Firewood to eek out, sanity to make last a winter of snow.  (You've seen The Shining, aye?)

I have been keeping us healthy with nutritious blends of vegetables and fruit, much from the garden, to make smoothies.  (Scot:  "canny eat that. I's got froot init.&qu…