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Wee Folk - many folk

The tour begins again for Jennifer, Charles and their daughters.

Jenn has been at a workshop in Glasgow for the last few days, Living in the Heart, and the family have been experiencing the city.

We picked them up this morning and traveled east to Rosslyn Chapel.  There we met with the workshop friends and the host, Ron Laplace.  A grand bunch of people with big hearts and bigger smiles.

I had not been to the chapel for many years.  It now sits under its own roof, not the temporary one that was in place, like a big steel gazebo, for 14 years.

A photo would have been good, but tour guided-error left the camera in the van.  I've noticed the camera doesn't work very well under such conditions.  Sorry about that.

The place is much changed.  We were blessed to be present when a prayer ceremony took place.  The pews were full with visitors amidst red and white barriers to keep people falling into the open holes left by the workmen who are still working away on the fabric.  They coul…

Day 3 in search of ... silkies

I thought some images of the house we have been staying in would be of interest.

Now, some words from yesterday from those who were there.

Assata (eldest daughter): “its been fun here in Scotland,we've done a lot..We've gone to lots of places and seen lots of things."
Jenn: "A highlight for me in Kilmarten was the sacred well near the remains of a settlement. We were all (children and adults alike) entranced by the water – its taste, its marking stone with the Middle Eastern cross and pagan symbols, its reflection, its temperature, and all of the life bubbling up inside it. We encircled the tiny well pool for some time, gazing into it. To me, it felt connected to the heavens."
So, that was a little more on yesterday.  Today we are in search of Wee Folk for wee folk - it's off to the aquarium.  Shy octopus, seals, sea stars.  We are all in our little child mode, gazing upon beautiful things with awe and wonder.
Here endeth part one of the tour.  Jenn is takin…

Tour Day 2 of the Wee Folk

Meeting Stones and Water
Might be a good title for the day.  The guests are all in bed.  We wore them out, so there will be no words from them.  I sit by the fire (as seen in yestere'en's post) and recount the Tale of the day.

Aven has been joining us on our tour - in the blogosphere.  Nice to hear from you and know that you are with us, lass.  As many will know, our tours are a bit like a select club of followers, guests, friends.  Like the Cosa Nostra, anyone can join but they can never leave, so you are welcome with us Aven.  Send my regards to your quiet man, John.

To the day...

We've been finding out about our guests.  That's Cee Cee in the front in pink.  She's too cute to be trifled with.  She sits in the middle seat of honour in the van, surveying the road ahead and bursting into song and great volume and enthusiasm.  "Dingle beh, Dingle beh, dingle aw duh ay!"

We went today to a place who's name I won't publish here, for the downside of t…

Tour - In Search of Wee Folk

Also known as The Adventures of Charlie's Angels.

So, blog followers, Scot writes to you from a fine mansion house on the West Coast of Scotland.  We are guiding a private tour for Jennifer, Charles and their three lassies.  A grand bunch of explorers in the Outlandish Spirit.

It's a private tour request and the focus is "the sacred sites and haunts of the Wee Folk" to paraphrase Jennifer.  We have many of these to choose from and we know more than enough to keep our braw guests happy and satiated for a week.

We picked them up from the airport this morning and they are very tired, so we'll be gentle with them - just a wee hill hike, or two.

The first adventure for the girls is a ferry ride Doon the Watter, as the Glaswegians say.  We're over to green and luscious Cowal to a strange wee ravine where as the water pours down and the trees block out the light, the moss and mist drip into the fast clear water and you might think that every lump of rock, buttre…