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The Glorious 12th - Scottish trivia

Scot here, blog and FB followers.

Today is "The Glorious 12th" of August.  For those NOT from Scotland I can inform you it is, or at least was, an eagerly awaited date in the year of Gentlemen who fanciend themselves as the Great White Hunter.

It is the opening of the Grouse Season in Highlands.  Millions of sweet, comical, beautiful, laughing grouse are currently daubing themselves in mud and moss in an attempt to evade the keen eyes of "the guns" and the associated shot.

Most of these Gentlemen came, in Victorian times, to "their estate in the Highland" to rid the place of birds, deer, otters, and sometimes with a bit of luck, any other "guns" who stood down wind of the buckshot.

Sam and I have headed south into Sassenach land, well, Yorkshire actually ( a people very like Highlanders in many ways but with all the humour wrung out) having left behind Pop Pop and her boyfriend (our tame partridges) in the hope that they will not …

2012 is open for business

Just updated the website so that 2012 tours are listed and bookable.

(Fixed the broken Terms and Conditions check box too.  Who's clever boy then Scot?  Scot good boy! Yap! Yap!)

A September tour will follow in a few weeks when you've all decided whether we should go to the Outer Hebrides as well.

Comment away on that last one.