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Day 7- 8 - the last of the Grapes

Alas the adventure has come to one of life's pauses.  The Jamie and Claire tour May 2012, The Grape Tour (named after Robert who is a bit of a wine buff) has shouted its last shout, tinged its last last glass of announcement, climbed its last castle step and Noella, always disappearing, finally caught up with the group (once we unglued her camera from her fingers).

We have new friends and many memories, but let me hand over to our guests' own words to describe the last two days.

DAY 7 Dolly: Yesterday's stop at the Castle was great fun. Lots of stops as each person was shown their rooms – all with plaid carpeting. Ours was with two single beds and in the best Scottish tradition, the toilet was across the room from the bathtub and shower. Although we would have explored the castle on our own, we were happily obliged to search for the dining room – hidden away and not part of our introductory tour. We were instructed to respond when we heard the bagpipes … very nice.…