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It's all happening again!

Scot AnSgeulache here,
I have ambushed the Outlandish Blog.  For why?  Well, Sam is too busy to write it.  It's that season when the Outlandish Spirits of this world (you) are frequent in their emails, wanting to join this year's Jamie and Claire tours, asking questions about them, and Herself is busy booking accommodation (always a lengthy process).
She has some interesting variations on this May tour.  The guests will be staying in one place for a wee while.  Think of it like our own Castle Leoch, from out of which forays will be happening. It gives the guests a chance to be out of the saddle for a few days, to have the run of the place, to BE.

That's where we'll be staying for 5 nights of the 8.  Now that I come to think on it, it's more like staying at the Reverend Wakefield / Fiona Graham's place, don't you think?  It's actually quite close to that as well.  I trust the hot water is delivered by something more modern than a match-lit gas geizer (al…