Sunday, 17 November 2013

We Come to an Outlander Castle ~ JAMIE & CLAIRE TOUR - MAY 2014!

The Jamie and Claire Tour is returning to the 'Starz Outlander Castle'...
...yes we've brought some of our Outlandish Spirits here before.  But when I visited the set of Outlander recently, it was looking quite a bit different. You've already seen via Starz's own pages, some of the interior images and of course our two heroes.  But here is a bit of reality to filming for this project:

First of all it's late autumn 2014 as the filming commences, as you've seen by my photos on Scotland for Outlanders fb.  But didn't Claire go through the stones in May during Bealtane?  Right!  She was taken to Castle Leoch pretty quickly (after attending one red headed Scotsman's wounds).  So how do you change a set to reflect the season?  You bring in your own Garden Gnomes!
MacJock & MacGnome (notice the red jacket popular with our local Gnomes) demonstrated for me how even a simple path leading to a castle is transformed by bringing in their own clumps of long grass and sod.  If you notice, the lawn in the foreground is well... a lawn.  But on the other side of the path are the transported grasses to give it that feel of a time before lawnmowers.

To utilise the time they have at this filming location, could mean using it for other locations in the story.  Can the castle walls double for a wicked garrison?  The surrounding land certainly slopes down enough in places to see Claire being 'pushed out' of a door to tumble down a frozen embankment below the walls (snow to be added if this is the case).

A castle needs access to water and here is the real river that runs beside it.
A castle needs a good form of
escape; is this an ancient secret passage leading out of the cellars?

Find out for yourself in May 2014 on The Jamie and Claire Tour for Outlandish Spirits