A duelling picnic


The new Opt-In

You might be aware that New European regulations mean that companies are all taking care to make sure that people whose email addresses etc we have still want to hear from us.  It's called GDPR legislation.  You'll be getting lots of "resubscribe" emails this month from companies you have bought stuff off or whose newsletters you have asked to receive. 

Both Scot and I (separate businesses) will be renewing our list of past clients (friends) and blog followers.

Scot first.  If you want to update your email address, or subscribe for the first time to his very infrequent emails you can go to his new "opt-in form".

Scot's subscription list
There you'll get emails once or twice a year about tours, music releases, Scottish History, the coming book...

Outlander TV and Off-book custom tour

Here's a few photos from the private, family tour this weekend, which was part Outlander and part Anything-else-that's-cool.

First tour of the 2018 Season

First Outlander Tour of the season tomorrow, and it's in the snow! I'm so glad our guests have chosen to come to Scotland in the winter. It's sooo beautiful and so very few travelers see it in its winter raiment.

We'll be taking the guests to the chapel above, used by Starz for a night scene.

Journey to the Western Isles

Day 1
Journey to the Western Isles Tour, 2017.  We seek the Old Woman Of The Hills, A'Chailleach, Bringer of Storms.  We climb to her high meadow at the foot of her home, Ben Nevis.

Scot is leading a pilgrimage to the western isles with, appropriately, Seachd Chaillich, seven wise women.

J&C 2018 Dates now open

2018 dates for the Jamie and Claire Tour (including the Outlander TV Tour) are now up on the website.

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