Saturday, 27 February 2010

Scotland Winter Storm - Or Why We Lost Electricity For 2 Days

So what's the big deal about losing power in a winter storm.  Well, if you live out in the country and your nearest village is 2.5 miles away and the snow plows come up your road last, then you learn to go back to basics.
Left - our garden in May.  Notice the stone wall at the back.  Right - during the storm the wall is hidden - you can just make out the hedged across the road.

Below - Scot collecting snow to melt on the wood stove.  That's right, because
we get our water supply from nature -
not pipes, it goes through a filter which is powered by electricity.

Cooking on the wood stove, dinner by candlelight, no internet, no outside news and lots of reading before the sun went down!
Is it the Colorado Rockies?  Nope, it's our wee corner of Perthshire and me taking a walk.

Monday, 15 February 2010


Question: What's better than coming to Scotland?
Answer: Having it as a complete surprise!
One of our Outlandish Spirit's is bringing their travel partner on one of our Jamie & Claire Tours this year as a surprise.... how great is that! I imagine that stepping off the plane will be like waking from a good dream, only to find that reality is even better! It will be like coming through the stones unexpectedly but without all that stone screeching noise! I'm absolutely thrilled, so I can't even begin to imagine how the surprised recipient will feel. Scot will be there of course to bring us all back in time through the portal of ancient tales.
From Edinburgh up to the Highlands an adventure to be had by each of our traveling groups with good camaraderie. The May tour date will close soon to new add-ons and the June/July adventure is revving up with some space left. Don't be left sitting at home as an Armchair Traveler! If you can't come along, get out into your own wee bit o' heaven and enjoy your local scenery. Whatever you do, enjoy the coming spring!