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Snowdrops at Leoch (Starz)

Just a wee photo of Starz's film-set for Leoch from an angle you might not have seen.  We took the images while on our walk yesterday - the castle is just down the road from us.

What the Hell is Fish Tea?

Followers will know of our penchant for Fish and Chips, well, here we give you, the savvy traveller, the correct patois for your visit to Scotland for ordering the right thing in the Chippy without looking like a dunderheid  (translation: person of low IQ).
The picture above is of our lunch today.  We made a special research trip to our local chippy for this blog post, so appreciate it! The Fish SupperWhen you go into a takeaway chip shop, you can ask for the following options: "a fush supper" translation: a battered fish (usually cod or haddock) with a portion of chips. "a special fush supper" : a breaded haddock and a portion of chips. "a single fush" : the battered haddock or cod, without any chips.  Expect to be given a crispy yellow battered sea beast the size of a juvenile shark.
After placing your order you will stand around awkwardly as nothing will seem to be happening.  Do not fret.  Your fish will be getting cooked.  This is the time when you turn to…

Snowdrops at Lallybroch

We were on a wee reconnaissance trip today for our Starz Outlander 1 day Extension.   Guess where.  We went to visit the owners of the castle and talk about our coming visits.
The Snowdrops are in full bloom at this time of year in Scotland and Lallybroch has more than an even share.