Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Highland Castles, Ghosts and Spirits

What have Highland Castles, Ghosts and Spirits got in common? Well, everything. Though the Spirits in this case will be our 'Outlandish Spirits' who will be Ghost hunting while staying in a Castle on our Jamie & Claire Tour in May. Or, perhaps the Ghost will be watching for them. This remains to be seen. We've got almost a full compliment and with just TWO BED CHAMBERS REMAINING at the Castle as of this writing, this special tour should be a crowd pleaser, or possibly a hair raiser?
This is no ordinary Ghost or castle, this is a 5 Star experience that promises to wine and dine and wrap each guest in a blanket of coziness that they may not want to come out of. Do you remember when you were a kid and you went to Disney? You felt it was so enchanting that you begged your parents to bring you back the next day. Well, prepare to be a kid again!