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Squirrels Up A Tree

Scot is over in Brittany regaling folk at the Mythos Festival with tales of the Celts. He has taken our wee computer with him, so I'm now writing after returning home. The flowers and trees have been beautiful throughout the Highlands in April and I'm inspired to offer a tour this time next year.....

The last day of our trip brought us to a beautiful woodland; a much anticipated stop by Jamie and Claire as a special side trip - easy enough to do on a custom, private tour!

This day saw our family climbing up tall trees and swinging from zip wires in an adventure that even the squirrels must envy.

I think back to some of the books and I do believe that Brianna would have had fun designing something like this and wee Iain Murray would have had a blast gliding through the forests. Our 'Awesome Four' (as that is what I've dubbed them) enjoyed climbing, swinging, maneuvering through a very high, difficult course; definitely not a course for land lovers or wimps. In fact…

From War to Peace

DAY 4 part 2
Jim - After touring through the visitor's center at Culloden and the actual battle field, I have a much better understanding of the actual event. There are many lessons to be learned about preparing for battle, taking care of your troops, and basic soldiering. Of course, these are my thoughts as a military member. It was excellent! This afternoon, we got to tour a cottars house, which I found very interesting. I have a much better understanding of what it would have been like to live in a thatched roofed house that is heated by a peat moss fire. It is not a life I would like to live, but it is a dry place to sleep. This tour is a great way to see Scotland. We would have never seen or experienced Scotland like we have this week had we tried to do this on our own. Thanks Scot and Samantha!

Claire- Hello!! Touring today was partialy exiting. I say this because we visited Culloden... I found it very interesting, but very sad. After seeing the battle field and museu…

One morning

Culloden. The day started cold, with a wind and a hint of sleet in the air. A shadow of the weather faced here in another April day, some time ago. Followers of the musings of the tour over the years will know that I duna much care to go out on to the field, so here I am again, sat in the visitor centre, committing thoughts to type.
It is interesting to overhear the conversations of the visitors to this place. Accents from America, Spain, England. Something happens to almost all the people who come here. They take on an inward look, pensive, conversations turn to "I don't understand why they... can you imagine being there and... it's strange how..." and the like. This place still has the power to move people, people who as you look at them don't appear as if they have anything in common with the history of the place - garishly dressed, tanned tourists from Florida, little old ladies with walking canes. All of them hide a secrete fact of themselves ben…

Wolves and Heroes... and a cat


Claire- Today has very fun so far. We have been hiking around again. Scot told me some tips about hiking such as where to step and certain things to look out for. I got about an inch away from quite a few birds. I think they spotted my cookie crumbs. Right now I am blogging in a restaurant. I'm hoping our food comes soon... I seem to be hungrier than I thought I was. Oh well... Ciao 4 now!! :-) (^@^)~

That's fresh air and a hike through the highlands for you.

We've had such a full day that there's been little time to write. We'll give it in pictures.

If you're wanting to know, that's reading about Jamie and Claire's honeymoon and meeting the wolves; a couple of heroes; in the wilderness; and visiting Lord John at The Castle.


Ach, What a day!

I blog from Hootenanny's. There's a great wee three piece on the stage of the pub doing traditional songs; we have heather honey ale in the glass (ooh too easy on the pallet, but dangerous tae yer feet).

Anyway. To the adventures of the day. In picture format, for those who like graphic novels.
This is what she calls a "stable moment". They are in a stable, a "hay loft" if you get the inference. These are apparently, a major part of the plot of Ms Gabaldon's novels for Vicki

This morning we have been to a place that myself and Sam argue about. I say it's like Ardsmuir, she says it's more like Wentworth. Of course, my interpretation is the more accurate.

Tales at the Chapel. A wedding Tale of course.

Jim - Day two continued to be an exciting day. We got to see an old church just up a hill and do a reading from the book about Jamie and Claire's wedding. it was really nice and then Scott played his harp and told us a story…

Jame and Claire on the Jamie and Claire Tour


Scot here.  We're outlandishing a private tour for an American family from Italy.
You'll like this.  Vicky and Jim's bairns are called Jamie and Claire.  Aye, really.
What's more, wee Jamie has red hair and his current stature promises great height as an adult.
Cò-dhùi, anyway, I'll hand yeez over to them as they are prolific writers.

Claire-    Today we visited to a very hilly place, not a mountain though. I am not exactly sure where we went. I found it very enjoyable. We hiked all around there, and we saw lots of sheep. Jamie ran all around trying to "catch" some sheep. [Aye, a true MacKenzie at heart : "I was just Borrowing them".] It was sort of funny. We stopped at a spot where standing stones used to be. We read a little bit of one of the Outlander books describing Claire's journey through the stones. It was very descriptive, and I liked it a lot. The men hiked all the way up to the top of the hill, but they did not bag a monroe..…