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Cross, Bones and Island Stones Tour, Day 1 to 4

DAY 1  (scroll down to jump to later days)

So the fill-in-the-name tour has begun with The Sisters, Marilyn and Carolyn.

The Sisters arrived early in Edn., having been forewarned that storms might delay flights, they changed and flew in ahead.  Good thinking, Batman.  They were going to just stay at the airport and take taxis back and forward. No no no! I moved quick and got them a great deal on the George Hotel in the centre of the New Town, Edn., as it's nice to look after my guests and get them the little extra.  (Polishing the medal on my chest gesture.  Erm.)

We have begun the discussion as to what the name of this tour should be.  The roses are looking gorgeous at the moment, so that might be a contender – The Rose Tour – with hints of Jacobite reference there.

Mare (Marilyn) : “First treat was to meet Sam and Scot, our delightful and brilliant tour guides. First stop, the Holyrood Palace, before the Queen makes an appearance next week (and closes the place). How smart was t…