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Journey To Western Isles 2015 - Early Days

Journey to the Western Isles, Day 1.

As regular followers of the FaceAche and Blog will know, Susan and Joe are having a private tour with us for two weeks.  It's quite a journey! 

We have started in Edinburgh with a special tour of Iain Rankin's detective Rebus, as Joe is an avid Rebus reader.  We'll make our way out to the Western Isles of Harris and Lewis over a week to see vistas of ocean and sky so wide that your eyes hurt and some of the most impressive standing stones in the world.  Joe is a photographer and will be in his element.  Along the way we'll be stopping at Outlander book and Starz locations as Susan is an Outlander fan.  We'll see castles, Inverness, old towns and villages, the Isle of Skye. The return journey will tour Edinburgh of Claire in 1760s and as if that's not enough, we'll then continue south into the Scottish / English borders for a couple of days to investigate the home of Sir Walter Scott, more castles, seafood, be…

Starz Tour a hit

We ran our first one day extension - Starz locations - on the end of our recent Jamie and Claire Tour.  It was a big hit with the thirteen guests.  Here's a few photos to remind you of the TV series.

 When we were at "Sandringham's Mansion", Starz crew were in, doing some recon for the next series. 

Waterhorse on Loch Ness

Today Randi read the chapter "Water horse" on the side of Loch Ness.   A cool spring day with the sun warming the smell of the yellow gorse around us.

Spring Garden of Leoch

These are some photos of the early summer/ late spring garden at "the castle".  That being the castle most similar to the the description of Leoch, that is still extant today.
Taken today, day 3 of the tour, with "The Lost Boys" who misplaced gloves (again), feet (woops!), money, and in the bar last night, all sense of decorum.