Monday, 5 April 2010

Emulating Claire To The (Curly) Enth Degree

As we run up to the May tour, I thought I'd share a wee email exchange that has been going around my tour guests (we're all very friendly pre-tour here).  You'll recall Ina last year bringing along a USA voltage hairdryer and wondering why it made her hair fuzzy.  After that I included electrical devices in the "NOT" to bring list.

QUESTION FROM CURLY TOP:  You mentioned that we should not bring hair dryers or straighteners because they would be confiscated until the end of the trip.  I must admit a small gasp of horror escaped my mouth at that point!  I completely understand the issue with appliances causing damage to the circuits.  I do, however, have very curly hair and while I usually love any opportunity to be compared to Claire, in this instance I'd rather not!  I have checked at and found that I could order a straightener/flat iron that would already be in european voltage.  I could have it shipped to my house here, or to your house so you could verify it's compatibility.  I wanted to check with you before ordering anything, to make sure it was ok.  (this was sent in good humor)

ANSWER FROM SAM:  I am bringing a brand new ( 3 months old and used once a week at most) Hair Straightener (which also curls) which anyone can use.  If you absolutely have to have your own, you may ship it to my address - no problem - OR - just buy one when you get here - believe me they're EVERYWHERE in Edinburgh Shops! 

VOLTAGE:  If you order one line - we are on U.K. OR BRITISH VOLTAGE.  Europe plugs will not fit into our sockets!

NOTE:  Remember, Hair Dryers are in every room accommodation - don't bring one.

Sorry to cause any fleeting moments of stress - our hair is important to us!  I think I would have done the same thing - gasped, that is.  Though I think we should all chose the same day on the trip and have a 'bad hair day' together.... I bet the style catches in Scotland....snicker :).

Cheers and thanks for that bit of humor in your follow up - I laugh because my hair turns into the 'post-wind storm' look when I wash it, so I can relate!  Though mine is more like Claire putting the wrong voltage in the socket rather than curly!


Comment from another Outlandish Spirit:
Ah the joy of a good “bad hair day” among friends will be a truly special picture for the blog.  My hair is bone straight so I believe a majority of my pictures will revert to my pony tail days. Thanks again Sam for letting us know.  My friend who is coming with me that has no idea where we are going…I already told her I would pack the hair dryer and such…so luckily I don’t even have to bridge the subject with her.