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Emulating Claire To The (Curly) Enth Degree

As we run up to the May tour, I thought I'd share a wee email exchange that has been going around my tour guests (we're all very friendly pre-tour here).  You'll recall Ina last year bringing along a USA voltage hairdryer and wondering why it made her hair fuzzy.  After that I included electrical devices in the "NOT" to bring list.
QUESTION FROM CURLY TOP:  You mentioned that we should not bring hair dryers or straighteners because they would be confiscated until the end of the trip.  I must admit a small gasp of horror escaped my mouth at that point!  I completely understand the issue with appliances causing damage to the circuits.  I do, however, have very curly hair and while I usually love any opportunity to be compared to Claire, in this instance I'd rather not!  I have checked at and found that I could order a straightener/flat iron that would already be in european voltage.  I could have it shipped to my house here, or to your house so you cou…