Happy Spring

Of Jamie Fraser, it's been said that men like him don't grow on trees - I beg to differ with you! Here's the proof! Our garden has snowdrops and the first daffodil, and we've planted two apple trees in the past few months, but of everything in our new grounds this is my favorite species.
Care Instructions:
Feed and water several times a day. Supplement with a wee dram once or twice a month. Place in sun whenever possible. Wrap base in wool and leather if setting outside for a few hours, especially in winter. Bring indoors at night!
Happy Spring!


  1. ...and just where does one go to find a specimen like this? I want one in MY garden! :)

  2. Och, this is lovely....

    BTW - I do like your J&C Tour webpage as well with the new added pictures!!!!

  3. Ha! I agree, sure would be nice to find one of those in MY garden! Lovely post, Sam. :)


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