Celts in the New World

Feasgar math and Aloha! If you followed the blog, you'll have seen bits about Hamish Burgess whom we met up with at Crainesmuir one day. Hamish is a Celt, living in Hawaii. He is a piper, an artist, an historian and basically a Renaissance Celtic Man - or would that be a Celtic Renaissance Man? Here's a bit of his work and his Maui Celtic web site:

He has everything from designed t-shirts to beautiful pieces like this:
You can also hear him every Sunday morning as a host for great Celtic music on Mana'o Radio at 8am Hawaii Time:

This is public radio with no commercials - please do donate even just a couple of dollars to the station if you can - it really is supported by people and is so much nicer than stations playing 'corporate list pop music' and trying to sell things to teenagers!

So you can take the boy out of the motherland, but..........

Mahalo Hamish! We look forward to seeing you on your next trip back to Scotland.


  1. I have met Hamish, he doesn't know it but I've bought some celtic jewelry from the man during a very busy Scottish festival here in Hawaii. I can tell you his prices are fair, the quality good and his website very informative. We have our own part Hawaii part Scottish princess and he and his partner keep her memory alive. I observed Hamish at his booth this last festival and all I can say is anyone who can wear wool in the muggy 80 plus degree weather must be a Scotsman!


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