Day 3 in search of ... silkies

I thought some images of the house we have been staying in would be of interest.

First flowers of the year - Snowdrops

Birch Owl - every home should have one to catch the wooden mice

Now, some words from yesterday from those who were there.

Assata (eldest daughter): “its been fun here in Scotland,we've done a lot..We've gone to lots of places and seen lots of things."

Jenn: "A highlight for me in Kilmarten was the sacred well near the remains of a settlement. We were all (children and adults alike) entranced by the water – its taste, its marking stone with the Middle Eastern cross and pagan symbols, its reflection, its temperature, and all of the life bubbling up inside it. We encircled the tiny well pool for some time, gazing into it. To me, it felt connected to the heavens."
Investigating the holy well

The place engages the attention
So, that was a little more on yesterday.  Today we are in search of Wee Folk for wee folk - it's off to the aquarium.  Shy octopus, seals, sea stars.  We are all in our little child mode, gazing upon beautiful things with awe and wonder.

Here endeth part one of the tour.  Jenn is taking part in a workshop in Glasgow for a few days.  The children and Charles will have play a plenty in the big city.

I'm off to a conference of thespians.  Could be hell in a bottle...

Bidh sinn gur faicinn a-rithist. We'll be seeing you again, next week for a trip into the Highlands in search of earth energies.


  1. Wow, I want one of those Birch owls for my house. Very cool!


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