Tour - In Search of Wee Folk

Also known as The Adventures of Charlie's Angels.

So, blog followers, Scot writes to you from a fine mansion house on the West Coast of Scotland.  We are guiding a private tour for Jennifer, Charles and their three lassies.  A grand bunch of explorers in the Outlandish Spirit.

It's a private tour request and the focus is "the sacred sites and haunts of the Wee Folk" to paraphrase Jennifer.  We have many of these to choose from and we know more than enough to keep our braw guests happy and satiated for a week.

We picked them up from the airport this morning and they are very tired, so we'll be gentle with them - just a wee hill hike, or two.

The first adventure for the girls is a ferry ride Doon the Watter, as the Glaswegians say.  We're over to green and luscious Cowal to a strange wee ravine where as the water pours down and the trees block out the light, the moss and mist drip into the fast clear water and you might think that every lump of rock, buttress of root and branch is sentient.  The place is more than alive, where eyes watch you, eyes that sit secretively in beings that are part animal, part mineral and mostly tree.  There's a good reason that they call this place Puck's Glen.
Wee Folk in Puck's Glen
Jennifer's description "a magically alive glen that was somehow brought even more to life by the snow falling.  The light coming through the canopy...  I saw more in the periphery than simply by looking up."
Yup, that's Puck's Glen.

So, upon settling into our B&B, they are looking much better after a picnic dinner we brought along. We're now sat in the comfortable drawing room in front of the open fire playing cards amidst the silken curtains and brocaded armchairs.

An antiquated photo of our wee mansion.

A bit of Luxury - Like walking into a Country Home magazine!
So, Outlandish Followers, a bit of luxury on this private tour to ease the jet lag out of the body and nurture the soul with beautiful surroundings,  a warm fire, fantastic cuisine being prepared for us tomorrow and welcoming, friendly hosts .  Tomorrow we will be visiting some of the greatest ancient places, standing stones and folk where the wee-folk live.  Want your name spoken into a sacred tree?  A stone placed in the earth with your name on it? Live vicariously this week.  Perhaps next time it will be you.

Scot AnSgeulaiche, storyteller, regaler of history, stealer of blogs.


  1. I'm jealous :)

    I've been talking up your fantastic tours on the Compuserve Forum lately. I think there are a few interested parties. Have fun. Wish I was there, too!

  2. Regarding your tours, I was blessed to meet both of you in 2008 when you stepped in on a tour I was on. I would go back to Scotland for one of your tours in a heartbeat, if I could. Meanwhile, I read your blog. As for the cat, you've been picked and once a cat has made their mind up, there's not a thing to be done for it.


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