Sunday, 10 April 2011


Ach, What a day!

I blog from Hootenanny's. There's a great wee three piece on the stage of the pub doing traditional songs; we have heather honey ale in the glass (ooh too easy on the pallet, but dangerous tae yer feet).

Anyway. To the adventures of the day. In picture format, for those who like graphic novels.
This is what she calls a "stable moment". They are in a stable, a "hay loft" if you get the inference. These are apparently, a major part of the plot of Ms Gabaldon's novels for Vicki

This morning we have been to a place that myself and Sam argue about. I say it's like Ardsmuir, she says it's more like Wentworth. Of course, my interpretation is the more accurate.

The kids have a different kind of stable moment. Kids will climb,... and fall

Tales at the Chapel. A wedding Tale of course.

Jim - Day two continued to be an exciting day. We got to see an old church just up a hill and do a reading from the book about Jamie and Claire's wedding. it was really nice and then Scott played his harp and told us a story that was really excellent. We had tea and snacks today at a castle as well, which was a real experience. To wrap up our tour for the day we went by Loch Ness. Vicki, the kids and I had to put our feet in the Loch, it was cold and refreshing. As hard as I looked, I did not see Nessy! Now we are settling into our B and B for the night and then we will head out to dinner. The weather has been sunny and wonderful again today. I feel like we are very lucky to have such wonderful weather!!! I forgot to mention our stop by the old barracks. As a military man I found the barracks interesting. Even in the 1700s, the barracks were built with what we now call a quad, it is where the formations would be held, etc. I was impressed with the kitchen, and bathrooms. As with many things from this erra, I like to imagine what it must have been like to live then. Also, in keeping with the books, what must Claire must have thought to find herself back 200 yrs!

Scot - Bathrooms are not awfly common in the rural Highlands. Mother Nature has plenty of opportunity. Vicky: "It's not a great claim to fame, but I have peed in many countries but I have to say that Scotland is my favourite."
Aye, well, Vicky's a wheen o' fun. I relate to Jim. We men have learnt to be undemanding.

Scot - Picture the scene, I've got the camera and Jim is stood ankle deep in the water. He's the only one not squeeling with the cold. The others won't stay in long enough, all together, for me to get a photo of them, so Jim's getting colder and crotchety as he's the only one freezin' his toes off.

This is the one called "Dafties"

A mother and daughter moment
Sam - April in the Highlands has been even better than we expected. We know the weather is usually quite good during this month, but we're in a heat wave; fantastic! The Daffs are up everywhere and the cherry blossoms are just coming into full bloom. The sky is so clear, that we could see the top of Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in Britain, beyond the chapel. I really think I'd like to start an annual tour in April....hmmmmmm. It's been great fun traveling with our Outlandish Spirits and their enthusiasm is catchy. We're teaching them Gaelic words and the local Scottish lingo and they love trying all the local fayre!

Vicki- What a wonderful day! Old barracks, high tea at castles, wee chapels, fabulous B&B,but really, if you're going to Scotland, you must sit on the side of a hill, in a very old cememtary, overlooking a wee old chapel. BUT, to add to the already overwhelming experience, while you sit there you must have a storyteller with a harp telling a good old story that relates to one of the headstones you are looking at. A bit surreal. Scott tells an enchanting tale. My cup runeth over today. Clotted cream, scones, and a Ragnald MacDonald love story. As I type I am having a beer in Hootanany's listening to great music with great company.

Scot - here's a couple of video clips of the trio we're listening to as we blog. Sent to you by bluetooth, mobile phone and carrier eagle. How cool is that? Let me know in the comments if they don't come through.