Tuesday, 12 April 2011

One morning

Culloden. The day started cold, with a wind and a hint of sleet in the air. A shadow of the weather faced here in another April day, some time ago. Followers of the musings of the tour over the years will know that I duna much care to go out on to the field, so here I am again, sat in the visitor centre, committing thoughts to type.
It is interesting to overhear the conversations of the visitors to this place. Accents from America, Spain, England. Something happens to almost all the people who come here. They take on an inward look, pensive, conversations turn to "I don't understand why they... can you imagine being there and... it's strange how..." and the like. This place still has the power to move people, people who as you look at them don't appear as if they have anything in common with the history of the place - garishly dressed, tanned tourists from Florida, little old ladies with walking canes. All of them hide a secrete fact of themselves beneath some 'other' covering - the secret is that they all relate to this place. It touches them.

jamie- culloden was very depressing. the scottish were slaughtered it was very sad. we walked about the museaum and watched a movie about the battle then met a weapons expert who let us hold a shield, dagger,musket and a sword, that was cool and fun. then we walked the battle field and got in the car to see some standing stones. the stones were interesting. now were at a pub having lunch. by for now B):) :D

Vicki-So, the day to view Culloden finally arrived. I don't mean finally, as in this week, I mean finally as in...........20 years in the imagining. When you stand on the field in the rain and cold wind you can't really fathom how it must have felt that day. Standing there facing an enemy who was well rested, well fed, and well armed. The Scots on the other hand were tired, hungry, and lacking good leadership. It's always easy to stand in a beautiful visitor center and arm chair quarter back if you will, but from here in the future, you can see clearly how horrible the outcome would be. It is a very moving, somber experience. I really thought the Fraser stone would move me more than the others, but it did not. All lying under the stones were equal to me. Brave, valiant warriors.
On to some standing stones and cairns. Very interesting. They are over 4,000 years old. Too bad it's the wrong time of the year to time travel. Samantha and Scot rock!! They can answer any silly question that comes up. A super tour!!

Wee sheep gifties. Claire canny think of a name for the wee fella. Can anyone help? "Comments" welcome, Except from Aven who will come up with something daft. Only kidding love, suggest away.