Sunday, 11 September 2011

Line em up - day 6 and 7


Monique: Last night we got to stay the night in the castle. It was my first experience in a castle and it was awesome. I don't even know how to describe it. We had a three course meal with bagpipers, and then I encountered my second favorite dessert (next to the thick hot chocolate, of course)...sticky toffee pudding. It was the most sinful thing ever. To our surprise Robert the Bruce and a Templar Knight came to visit. We had to make a decision on whether or not to help the scottish war against Edward of England. How to make such a decision was hard but ended up helping anyway. We got to try on the armor and play with the weapons. Boy, that was fun!!! Overall, the people were great, the food was wonderful, and the company was grand! Also there was the cutest gnome garden in the front of the castle. Any type of gnome you could think of probably exist in that garden. There were a few gnomes being very "cheeky" in the garden but they were too cute to be upset with.

Cindy: We arrived last night at Castle Stuart to spend the night; another first for me. The meal was fantastic as was the bagpiper and Robert the Bruce. Yes this was somewhat of a fairy tale night. This was another favorite day and night for me. I'm yet undecided if climbing up the mountain with sheep all around and the bubbling creek was my favorite day or was it the castle stay. It doesn't matter. It is all such a real wonderful dream. Who would have thought I would be waking up in a Castle in Scotland.

Nancy & Ron: We enjoyed a magical night and day in the Castle Stuart. [They had the big king size bed chamber... I'm just saying... Sam)

Debie: Oh Brothers of mine grab your walking sticks and join me in the enchanted forests of Scotland! Green moss covers the trees, mushrooms of every color cover the ground orange with polka dots, white and green, wild flowers blue, pink, yellow and orange [we took a walk along the hills around Loch Ness]. The castle was outstanding, the piper calling us to dine. It was a dream come true. Fireplaces so big you could stand in them, you could feel the history!
Tales by the walk-in fireplace

Not sure how to add to this image by words?

Debie makes a friend

A porter goes to fetch a bag
Tomorrow... we walk the Royal Mile and search out the haunts of A.Malcolm seditious printer.  It is forecast to be gale-force tomorrow and raining heavily, just like in Claire's return to Edinburgh and the run to the World's End.  Ah, the authentic Scottish experience.  Can't wait!