As solid as a... mmph?

Sam and I were being step on guides to a tour today, a fine bunch of ladies mostly from the States on a spiritual interest tour run by tour guide Lynn McBrien of Cavan Tours.

We were seeking certain standing stones today in a remote glen. Ahh yes, ancient, permanent, solid stones, made of solid... where is it!?

Y'see the stone wasna where it should be.  Apparently it's a common thing in this glen.
My good lady wife was just telling me the other day about standing stones that are sometimes not where you left them.  And then they... return, sometime later.

So it was today, as I went looking for the Tetherstone of the Fianna, it was not there.  Neither was the stone they used to lift as a test of strength.  Mind you, that one could just have been lost in the long grass.

Aye, well, maybe the stones will have returned by my next visit.


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