Sunday, 3 June 2012

Macraes 2012 Day 2

Over the sea to... Leodhas.
Another fine day, with only a wee bit drizzle.  May is normally the season to visit Scotland, but our two visitors have brought the sun and blue sky with them into our June adventure.
We blog from on the ferry, Ullapul to Steornabhagh.
We have cleared the headland and are into The Minch

We have
              a slight                       swell.
                           northerly ....

Sally here - yesterday was a very long day - after being in airports and planes for 22 hours we finally got to Glasgow.  There were problems getting to our first stay due to closing the major highway from a big accident - we tried some other routes and saw some major beautiful back country but ended up being 11 hours on the road all total.  We were absolutely exhausted, but slept well, had a fantastic breakfast, and are now on the ferry en-route, with a good swell - glad this is a large ship.    Sally

Sam here - This is why we call Scotland the largest small country you'll visit.  All the roads but one are small in the Highlands.  We always have a small laugh when others ask us to go to places like Loch Ness in one day or Skye in two or three.  It truly is life in the slow lane!  Thanks to Sally & John for hanging in there.  Nothing like a good night's sleep and a robust Scottish breakfast to start your adventure.
Looking happy now that we're going ferry-wise 

Eoropie Beach

The School Sabbath outing at the playpark, Eoropie.
You'd think that John was the silent type, given that he hasn't blogged yet, but no.  He and I talked way into the night on Scottish Politics, US politics and Ale.  Perhaps we'll get a written word out of him tomorrow.