Friday, 8 June 2012

MacRaes - Day 7 and 8

We sit in Onich this evening.  It is cool and misty on the side of Loch Linne, in a welcome way.  We've had a wee bit of rain as we came through the hills of Morven into the mainland proper.  Oh where did we start this morning?  We spent the morning shopping for bunnets (that's hats for you) in glorious sun in Port Righ. A wee walk up my clan land with amazing views of the harbour before we hit the road south to leave Skye.

Over the Sea to .... Malaig (Bay of Gulls) and on to the Morar Sands, a beautiful estuary beach.  It was busy today.  I've not seen it so busy in Scotland in June.  A guide we met suggested that many were coming north to avoid London during the Queen's Jubilee.  Couple that with a long spell of settled and sunny weather while it rains in England and Wales and I think we have an explanation for the congested roads in June.  Still, I took our guests an alternative route and into a verra remote area, full of Gaidhlig speakers and great beauty.  We nodded to the Seven Men of Moidart as we passed - a row of great sycamores that were planted to commemorate Prince Charles' landing in 1745 on the shores of Moidart with his companions. 

Day 8:
Sally: Today we are walking over the mountain at Glencoe - the same journey taken by the women and children at the time of the Glencoe massacre.  Then it was winter, with snow on the ground, and they were mostly barefoot and in their nightclothes.  It was a struggle for us - very hard to believe what they went through.  It was mostly drizzly and damp when we started - lots of mist on the mountains.  By the end of the walk (7 miles), the sun was starting to come out and the day became warm. 
Sally puts her addition to the cairn near the top of the Devil's Staircase