JandC Sept 2012 - Red Squirrel Tour

The Red Squirrel Tour
Days 1-2

Finally, we have a blog machine on tour, after our death of the previous holder of the post.

So, to the important stuff.
As usual we will have each of the tour guests, under pain of torture by whisky, contribute some words of THEIR experiences of the tour.

Speaking of the amber nectar, we visited a distillery, en passant, yesterday as the group expressed an interest and we were in the right place with time.

Before the distillery tour...
After the distillery tour

Let us introduce the Outlandish Squirrels.

This is Corinne:

And her friend Karen:

Kathy: What incredible scenery.  The people are all so very friendly.  Seen pheasants, partridges (not in a pear tree).. still waiting to see the red squirrels all the signs post about...

Rebecca: Had a great hike yesterday, we made it to see a standing stone on some land with an incredible view. Feels like we have been here for a week instead of just a few days. So much more to see - ready to head to Loch Ness.

Kris:  Can't believe we're actually here.  The weather has cooperated wonderfully.  Woke up  to blue skies this AM.  Saw beautiful countryside yesterday - the greens are amazing - all shades you can imagine.  Quaint towns, tiny cars.  A taste of scotch whisky at Dewars distillery to top off the second day!

Introducing Sallie:

Sallie: Hearty Scottish breakfasts, beautiful but moody weather, incredible scenery, lovely people.

And her man ("the boy") Jack:

JacK: I have begun research on the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, otherwise known as the "Right to Roam." We must "Know the Code Before We Go."  In part, this involves a knowledge of the intricacies of trespass upon curtilage and the policies. Lovely weather today (Tuesday)! 

Scot:  Jack is a "stream of consciousness" sort of man.  Can ye tell?
I myself am enjoying a rare year when both the heather has a rich bloom of purple AND the Rowan is full of deep orange berry.  It will make for an interesting photie if I can find the right location.

Today involved making our way northwards into the Highlands.  A singular red squirrel was seen to cross our path, but that was after we had chosen the lame name for the tour.  Jack suggested, in Italian, The Magnificant Journey of the Beautiful Women and the Boy.  That was a bitty long although his sentiments were admirable.  Perhaps we'll get a better name as we go along.

Our Squirrels have dipped a toe in Loch Ness, although wee Rebecca totally bottled her promised swim.  Her friends back home should note that.

A visit to the Chapel where Jamie and Claire were wed met with their approval, of course, and I read that particular passage from the book.

This night, most are off sampling the amber nectar at a local repository.  Sam and I are stuck here, uploading the blog, planning the day tomorrow.  A tour guide's work...  Is that Ale I can smell?  Bidh mi gur faicinn a-rithist.  See yeez later.


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