Sporan Making

This Highland craft is one that Scot keeps up. Today, he finished a sporan (pics) for a groom that he will be marrying (and dressing) for a wedding at MacDonald of Sleat's castle in May. It's a leather-work craft performed with hand tools.
The new one, in black
That's a belt loop that it has above it, so that it can hang from a kilt / trouser belt.

The clasp on the new one
And here's some previous sporans that he made, just for the pretty pictures.

A lady's sporan with a shoulder strap

The Shoulder Strap

This one was named "Ram's Ba's".  No I can't say why.

This is Scot's own one, called Harlequin, in three colours

A chocolate sporan with a shoulder strap, for a woman
And that's me modelling the chocolate sporan with the strap (and wearing an arasaid).

And this is where they are made when the weather is with him.
I was thinking that perhaps the sporans would make nice additions to the tours, for my guests I mean, to wear while they hike the hills.  My Outlandish Spirits could order them in advance (made to order) and he'd have them ready for the Grand Adventure.  He can't make too many so it would be on a first come first served basis.  They cost £65 (one colour) and £80 (harlequin colours) for the ones with the belt loop and £85 for the strapped one (for ladies).  If you'd like one, you can see more on his weddings website and order them on The order page.


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