Thursday, 13 June 2013

Day 7 and 8 - iona to Skye

Shiela: A looong day travelling on ferries and roads - a misty, mysterious day just right for visits to the Fairy Bridge and the Fairy Glen.  After not being able to connect to mail or wifi for several days, it was somewhat disconcerting to hear my phone 'ping' while standing on the middle of the Fairy Bridge in the absolute middle of nowhere!!!  Another great hotel (Viewfield House) for the night, and a FABULOUS meal at the Harbour View restaurant.

Scot: indeed!  We had rain and mist gu-leoir for our visit to places of mystery, which was very appropriate.  Diana and Peggy seemed energised and playful after our romp through the Glen of the Wee Folk's Hills.  Most invigorating. 

Hearing a raging waterfall but not being able to see it through the fog is a bit odd.

No pictures though.  What can you do with layers of grey?
A video tomorrow, I promise.