Day 4 and 5

The experiences have been thick on the ground the last two days.  Yesterday we made a long journey to the very end of the Ross of Mull, way out into the Atlantic, then we fell off the end and landed on one of the world's most serene sacred places, Iona.

Today was blue sky and sun, birds calling as if in a jungle, nothing moving at more than walking pace (except the birds), lots of time alone to sit, be, photograph, write, sleep.

As such, I have no words from the guests for you save an unattributed quote from a couple of days ago.
"From the heights of Dunadd to the womb of the stone "church" were experiences I'll never forget. Scot's gift of probing our minds through millenia of history made it so much more alive."
Good to know we're feeding the spirit with the required tonic.

Given the lack of first hand words, I thought I'd give the "blog" in a series of pictures for the last day or so.

Peggy and Jim at Duart Castle

Sunset from Iona

Above my head - Bay at the Back of the Ocean

Gathering Luachar to...

... make Brigit's Crosses

A Bride's Cross

Even the guide gets an hour off - Sam goes paddling on west beach


  1. Greetings from County Sligo to ye all! What a feast of images from the Western Isles! Looks like we're all in for some misty Celtic weather over here as Manannan spreads his magic cloak of invisibility over the western shores! If you're under the hem too, then enjoy what both the Scots and Irish call lovely "soft weather"!


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