Sunday, 29 September 2013

One Dead bat - day 7

And now for a few unique photos........


Garden Bird Feeder

Not sure what the Scots are feeding their birds, but they are brave little creatures .

The Mighty Guard

Sam: Each adventure is a bit different and the places we visit and accommodation we stay in may vary from tour to tour.  We keep things unique so each group has their own special experiences. 
Katherine - Our last night had a fitting end with a stay in a luxury country house where you felt like you actually lived there. Food was as gorgeous as the decor and the staff treated you as a VIP. Of course we ended the night with sweets and wine and stories. This experience was by far one of the best. 

Deanna - ...and so comes the end of our tale of adventures through the incredibly beautiful Highlands.  We have visited kirks, castles, pubs, and moors.  We have tasted wonderful whiskies, ales, and the best ginger beer I could have asked for.  Scot's stories capped off evenings of not so quiet laughter and warm companionship.  I think we have been blessed by a showing of Scotland's best autumn weather. The pride of Scotland, it's storied history and people and the lovely mist will be with me forever.

Scot:  Ahh weel, the year of Outlandish Adventures comes to an end.  Time to pack away the travelling gear and get the firewood into the house for the white winter.  And, of course, dream about the coming season of adventures, new friends to meet (who are booking already) and new tour arenas to plan (like the Borders) and get excited about. Mar sin leibh an-drasta.  Bennachdan leibh, Scot.