Meet Susan and Joe

Susan and Joe are planning a trip of a lifetime: two weeks, private tour, around Scotland, guided by us.

So, calling all Jamie and Claire Tour Alumni, Outlandish Spirits and other travellers familiar with Scotland,  where shall we take them?  We'd love to hear your contributions.

Here is what Susan said when I asked "why?" of this trip.

"My mother was born a Moncreiff. After she passed away last May at the ripe old age of 92, I found my heretofore intermittent interest in my heritage unexpectedly rekindled. At the same time, I was making repeated trips across the breadth of the United States to deal with her estate, and a friend suggested carrying along the Outlander series to while away the hours on the journeys. Aside from the gripping nature of the stories themselves,  I found that in many ways these books told my own ‘back story’ with an immediacy that names and dates on a family tree never could.  Diana Gabaldon’s website mentioned the Jamie and Claire Tour, and I was off and running with the idea of a trip to Scotland.

"Meanwhile, my husband enjoyed the first book of the Outlander series but was not as taken with the sequels as I was. However, he is a passionate photographer and was intrigued with the idea of photographing the Highlands. He is an Ian Rankin [Inspector Rebus] enthusiast as well and has always wanted to see Edinburgh. Enter Scot and Samantha MacKenzie, and a marvelous tour of the Highlands began its incubation."

I ask again, expert travellers, where shall we take them?  Two weeks with a very open wish-list is an amazing opportunity for both Susan and Joe and also ourselves as guides, eager to show them Scotland's hidden gems, so tell us where YOU think are the not-to-be-missed locations.

Here are just a few photos of some places they have requested.

Edinburgh - city of Inspector Rebus and Jamie and Claire

Sandringham's Belhurst (Starz location) and other Outlander locations

Standing stones and the Western Isles

Where else?  Add your ideas through comments on this page or on FaceAche Scotland For Outlanders.


  1. Alnick Castle in Northumberland. St Cuthbert's church cemetery at west end of Princess St Gardens. Say hi to old Crookshanks for me. Loads of H.P. names there. The Mussel Inn on Rose St. Great buskers on the alley. Ummm, the Port o'Leith pub late at night.

  2. Glencoe, Skye and Orkney. Plenty of history and scenery in those places. I can't wait to return myself.

    Mike - The Bold and Bonny tour


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