Friday, 22 May 2015

Starz Tour a hit

We ran our first one day extension - Starz locations - on the end of our recent Jamie and Claire Tour.  It was a big hit with the thirteen guests.  Here's a few photos to remind you of the TV series.

Ahh, Fort William.  Scene of Jamie's flogging.

Remember this?  Quiet now, since the public punishment.

Patty and Arlyn at Lallybroch

Sandringham's Belhurst
 When we were at "Sandringham's Mansion", Starz crew were in, doing some recon for the next series. 
Claire looks out and sees poor Hugh Munro's body beneath the trees.

Far too jolly, considering poor Jamie is recovering inside - St Anne de Beaupre.

Recognise this?  You should do soon.