Last Days of the Tour and the Extension

The tour finally has a name.  Pat the Bunny Tour.  For reasons too obscure to understand and too rude to print.

Anyway, here's a few blog entries in photos for you to "wish you were here" with.

[Above] No, not Frank Randall's car, but one from the same period, owned by our host.  All Scots drive these, you know, while wearing kilts and tam-o-shanters.

[Above] A bonus stop, off-book.  Paul, the custodian interprets this Pictish stone for the group and lets them lay a gentle hand on a piece of royal propaganda more than 1000 years old.

[Below images]  Scenes from the castle of Leoch, some details from the place that inspired Starz.

[Below]  Onto the Starz locations extension and we find 
a) a really tough Scottish postman wearing shorts while delivering in the snow, or
b) yet another film being shot in a popular Scottish town for period drama.  This one being a winter scene, hence the fake snow.

What's the film?  "Tommy's Honour" about the father and son from St Andrews, founders of Golf.
[Below] Familiar? Yes, we're back again and this time dodging a different film crew.  

[Below] Campbells cafe, as used in Outlander.  Now you see it; now you don't.  A set carpenter making the Campbell's sign disappear at will behind a grey board.


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