How has Outlander inspired your life?

WARNING: This post has a spoiler from "The Fiery Cross" book.
I'm asking about inspirations that the Outlander series has given you, from the little things to the big things. It can be as big as motivating you to change a part of your life, or as small as helping you to get through a difficult moment, like this example: Claire having to defend herself against a bison in the garden with a saw (creating much blood) is a scene that, oddly, came back to assist me later. As long term, but slightly lapsed, vegetarians, we were given a large hock of deer venison as a thank you gift. "Thanks", I said, through a pasty grin, standing at our back door ("what the hell am I going to do with this?" I secretly thought). When my husband found out about it, he was quite happy, because apparently he liked venison, so I felt somewhat obliged to cook it.

Some time later, having squared up to this awful looking chop on the chopping board, I was wondering how I was to butcher it without a) feeling sick b) shutting my eyes and cutting off a finger c) putting myself off the supposed dinner it was to become.

Into my mind popped Claire Fraser, and I thought "What would she do?" Then I remembered her taking on a whole buffalo, not just a bone of venison. I thought "If she can do THAT, I can do THIS".

The venison casserole was a hit with himself, (my husband) btw.

Met any "bison's" in your life that a sprinkling of Gabaldon helped you to overcome? Are you inspired by Claire's ability to overcome adversity or Jamie's ability to speak several languages? Let us hear the teeniest or grandest thought that comes to your mind.


  1. I think the one trait of Claire Frazer's that I continue to be amazed at and am inspired by is her adaptability to whatever situation in which she finds herself. I recently retired, the very next week the financial markets fall apart and now I find that I, too, must adapt to a totally different lifestyle from that which I had planned and provided. Claire would just figure out the next step and get on with it. A great example for today's situation.

    I could name many other instances that Claire has been a real inspiration to me, but, alas, I will save that for another time.

    Janet G in Sun City, TX

  2. Hi Samantha! I followed the link to your blog from the Yahoo group - you're so lucky to be living in Scotland!
    As for your question... how have the Outlander books *not* inspired my life might be a better question to ask :-) I first read them all three years ago, then reread them again six months after that, and again... Anyway, being a writer myself, I was overjoyed to find out, through Diana of the Books and Writers Community on Compuserve; I've met so many wonderful people and participated in all kinds of exercises and discussions since I joined.
    That's without even mentioning all the history I've learned and re-learned as well :-)
    I've always been in love with all things Welsh, Scottish, English and Irish, and these books have added fuel to the fire!

  3. I think the greatest inspiration from the Outlander series is the passionate love between Jamie and Claire, a love that seemingly overcomes all obstacles. While I don't battle wolves, I find working with my husband in a small business presents significant challenges. Remembering we're on the same team, and keeping the passion alive helps.

    Speaking of passion, I'm passionate about literature, history, wild places, mountains, sea and fine whiskey. I hope to join you for a tour one day.

  4. Feasgar math Ronni,
    Passion is important, but I like what you said about being 'on the same team'. Here is part of a reading that I think says it all for me:
    "Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion... That is just being ‘in love’, which any fool can do. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away... roots that grow towards each other underground... until you are one tree and not two.
    (Louis De Bernières)
    Claire & Jamie are constantly losing each other and almost losing their lives several times each. What better setting to re-ignite passion? I think we all wish for a bit of passion, but I'm willing to bet that passion or no, Jenny & Ian Murray are quite happy in their marriage.


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