Outlanders Gàidhlig words - audio

Here is my husband, Scot AnSgeulaiche speaking some of the Gàidhlig terms of endearment used in Outlander. There are more on the Jamie and Claire Tour page

You will need a Plugin in your browser, such as Quicktime or Real Player, to play these audio files. You may also Right Click on them and "Save As..." to your hard drive and open them with a stand alone audio programme.

"Mo chuiseal", Jenny's term for her bairns (lit. "my blood")

"Mo doinne", Jamie's name for Claire (lit. "my brown one")

"Mo nighean donn", Jamie's name for Claire (lit. "my brown lassie")

"Sassanach", Jamie's name for Claire (lit. "lowlander")

There are more book phrases on the Jamie and Claire Tour page. If you have any that you would like Scot to record, post here with a page ref, if needed.


  1. Hi Samantha,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! You're Scot's wife. Fabulous. I guess you know about the Books and Writers community, then. Nice to meet you.


  2. An anonymous poster left a message here recently, but part of it was garbled - so I've reposted on your behalf and answered the questions at the same time:
    Thank you for thoughtfully posting your husband's pronunciations! I will correct my silent pronunciation as I "rekilt" the series (my term for rereading).
    What is this infamous "Scottish noise" Gabaldon writes of? How does it sound?
    Answer: I think Diana's phonetic style spelling of this sound is pretty good - give it a try out loud. Honestly though, I don't think it would record and transfer very well over computer.
    How does the battle cry of the Highlander sound? I could not imagine these.
    Answer: If you're speaking of the different clan calls/war cries, there are many, like the MacKenzie's Tulloch Ard. If you're asking about the sound - well, fortunately in our time and country we have not heard this battle sound since Culloden. However, we will be hearing and seeing a reenactment of it on the tour while up north. This particular battle reenactment is a bit overwhelming at the least! BTW, did you know there's a Tulloch Ard Gorge as part of a river in Australia? Cheers, Sam


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