The Grain Tour - in passing

We are all still touring on the Jamie and Claire Tour May 2010, aka "The Grain Tour", so this blog will be brief.  Here's a few sentences from our Outlandish Spirts to give a flavour of what is to come; some words to get you wondering what we're up to.

"we walked up a hill and were met by a large standing stone, complete with a cleft."

"...every cloud that passed overhead gave new shades of green and brown..."

"...two orthopedic issues, one bronchitis, and one blister..."

"I myself have envisioned the world created by Diana many times but to have this experience on our first day that we did was awe inspiring and breathtaking all in one."

"Decorated with a mixture of antique furniture, portraits and tapestries"

Pic: Getting to know one another.


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