Jamie & Claire Bluebell Tour Surprise Comes Real For Lass

Our first two Outlandish Spirits have landed in Edinburgh for the Jamie & Claire May 2010 Tour featuring Bluebells if the wee folk are kind!  Brenda and Jennifer have spent their first night in the B&B.  Jennifer didn't know that she was coming to Scotland, though I'm sure she figured it out by the time they got on the plane:)  Here's their first contact:
Hi Sam, We are in Edinburgh.  We have checked into the B&B...all is well.  We had our first meal and our first pint in a pub named Footlight...nice place.  Beers are stronger here than home! :)   Ms. Burns [our B&B lady] is awesome.  See you on Sunday morning.  Look forward to seeing you. Brenda
P.S. Jenn was very surprised when I broke the news to her about the trip.  She is still in shock...!
These two life time friends are very lucky to have each other!  Well done Brenda for making this surprise happen!  I understand that Jenn's mom and even her boss were in on the secret and helping to plan the surprise.
So, we're looking forward to the rest of the group arriving.  We're all very excited.  We have an almost even mix of guys and gals coming from the north and the south of the states.  We'll let you know how the trip is going over the next week with photos and experiences!  Mar sin leibh en drasta, Sam & Scot    Note:  Photo is of a baby reindeer in bluebells.


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