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We have duly named this adventure “The Grain Tour” because of the well versed, educated and appreciative pallets of our Outlandish Spirits on this trip.  Some of them had even been to serious whisky tastings prior to the arrival in Scotland.  As well, there was a great appreciation of the incredible ales brewed all over this country.  Ah, the two combined would have made James Fraser a proud man indeed of this group!  We had guys and girls; some who've read through one book and some through all the books in the series.  Each person taking in their surroundings in simple and awe inspiring moments.
The weather on the May Tour was always!
Following is a synopsis of different experiences of our traveling companions as we followed the trail into the Highlands of Scotland in the first three books of the Outlander Series and trace the steps of Jamie & Claire.  Our next adventure in June will be taking us on a extended 4 day tour of the islands and we have two of our guests…

The Grain Tour - in passing

We are all still touring on the Jamie and Claire Tour May 2010, aka "The Grain Tour", so this blog will be brief.  Here's a few sentences from our Outlandish Spirts to give a flavour of what is to come; some words to get you wondering what we're up to.

"we walked up a hill and were met by a large standing stone, complete with a cleft."

"...every cloud that passed overhead gave new shades of green and brown..."

"...two orthopedic issues, one bronchitis, and one blister..."

"I myself have envisioned the world created by Diana many times but to have this experience on our first day that we did was awe inspiring and breathtaking all in one."

"Decorated with a mixture of antique furniture, portraits and tapestries"

Pic: Getting to know one another.

Jamie & Claire Bluebell Tour Surprise Comes Real For Lass

Our first two Outlandish Spirits have landed in Edinburgh for the Jamie & Claire May 2010 Tour featuring Bluebells if the wee folk are kind!  Brenda and Jennifer have spent their first night in the B&B.  Jennifer didn't know that she was coming to Scotland, though I'm sure she figured it out by the time they got on the plane:)  Here's their first contact:
Hi Sam, We are in Edinburgh.  We have checked into the B&B...all is well.  We had our first meal and our first pint in a pub named Footlight...nice place.  Beers are stronger here than home! :)   Ms. Burns [our B&B lady] is awesome.  See you on Sunday morning.  Look forward to seeing you. Brenda
P.S. Jenn was very surprised when I broke the news to her about the trip.  She is still in shock...! These two life time friends are very lucky to have each other!  Well done Brenda for making this surprise happen!  I understand that Jenn's mom and even her boss were in on the secret and helping to plan the surpri…