Big Folk - tour day 5

Today, in the lost glens of the Highlands, the sun shone. It was even warm.  The whole place had a beautiful glow about it as the low light brought a vibrancy to the greens and rusts of grass and braken.  The Birch twigs were especially beautiful in the muted purple, colonising the hillside.

Sam took our family up a big hill to experience a major marker on a ley-line of earth energy.  It's a place that never fails to impress.  Grandeur oozes, light moves, the sky opens and closes, breezes caress, time moves and doesn't.  I'm sure you know the kind of place.  I'd say that it worked for our guests.

Jenn: “The sun was shining. The time was spacious.”

Assata: "There were lots of rocks that were really fun to climb on. The rushing stream was loud and pretty. We saw the Fairy Circle. There was no wind. There were sheep with orange spots. One on each sheep.”

Ella (7): "It was rocky. There were some swamps. Bog country. There were two bones. It was lots of fun.”

To misquote Pushing Tin:"Big Sky, lots of hills."
This area of the Highlands is particularly noted for both its human remoteness and the large number of markers on the energy lines of the earth.
If you are not familiar with these lines, ley-lines, then think of them as a cobweb of energy flows covering the globe, like the tiny veins in the human body.  Although not well understood, they seem to be generated in part from the fault lines and geological anomalies below the surface.  They are then diverted and focused by things like natural boulders, water, standing stones, pylons etc.  They are often felt by humans simply as a place that has a nice, or otherwise, atmosphere, for no obvious reason.  In Celtic lands, we tend to mark junctions and other notables along them with churches, standing stones, burial grounds as well as naturally occurring markers.  It's a big topic, indeed some have spent years measuring, explaining, interpreting them, applying feel and science alike to the endeavour.  It's one of the few areas where science and spiritual understanding re-converge across the divide created just 400 years ago.

I, Scot, did not partake in this adventure.  I stayed in the glen floor looking for a stone that I have searched for often.  It's associated with the Fiana, an ancient standing army of semi godlike warriors from my Celtic past.  Yet again, I could not find it.  I hear rumour that it has been taken away by a local farmer and locked in a barn.  I'm not sure if for protection or spite.  Either way it's a pity.  It is like removing the stained glass window of Notre Dame for fear that the glass might crack.  Precautions can be taken.

Still, I told a Tale after dinner of a member of the Fianna, so maybe that will make up for it, bring back their essence.

Who knows what adventures Jenn, Charles and Les Angels will be thrust into tomorrow.
Actually, I do. Mwha Mwha Mwha!

On another note, things are geting awfy busy with the Jamie and Claire Tour.  Sam is hosting a private tour for Vicky and family in April, tailored to their wants and timings.  Then the May tour will come along just as quick. Currently there is a waiting list for it.  Donas (9 seater van) is full, but she can hire a Gideon (a second van, similarly bad tempered) if there are 3-4 more Outlandish Spirits.  I expect I'll be given the most bitey beast to control:  "Scot, van whisperer".  Sounds better than Aven's Cow Wisperering from the Grain Tour last year, maybe.

As I understand it, the variation on this May's tour is we'll be staying in Lallybroch (subject to confirmation from Jemmy and family).
Co-dhiu, anyway, it is late; the family are abed, the water still rushes down the falls outside and I have a magical adventure to co-create tomorrow.

Mar sin leibh, a h-uile duine.


  1. I don't know, Scot. Cow whispering is a pretty big deal ;)
    Kudos on the "Pushing Tin" reference. Great movie. Glad y'all are having a great time. I'm jealous as usual :)


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