Wee Folk in Big Hills

DAY 6,

Castling – an obscure move in chess.

Our first adventure today was the lasses playing at The Falls of Dochart, a shallow, wide cascade that drops through the village. A light frost last night left rock-pools with a paper thin layer of ice for them to play with.

A stunning drive in the sun over the Sacred Hill of The Caledon Tribe (Shiehallion) took us along a single track road that is a favourite of mine for the birch trees and the loch. I took a picture from the viewpoint (at last, I hear the cry, some scenery). Here, the girls began to play on a rock amidst the trees. Charlie reflected that he can usually tell the quality of a place by his daughters' behaviour, especially Ella. They were playing a fairy princesses I think; the spot has a really comfortable and open feel to it.

The view point, Shiehallion snow-covered  in the back left
Enjoying the feel of Scotland

A bit of shopping followed once we got to Pitlochry, during which Cee Cee got a new hat to match her overall love of pink. Note the spangley boots. If they'd fit me, I'd have them off her feet.
We arrived an hour ago in the domicile of choice, Dalmunzie, to go a' castling. We've been lauding it as a castle to the party, but it's really a hunting lodge. Many were built in the Victorian period in remote parts of Scotland. This one is suitably antiquated. The corridors are wood panelled and narrow (for servants), the plumbing antiquated, the floors slope, lots of quirky charm and the rooms have been done out nicely in a period style. There's a distinct lack of modernisation to this place, which is to its credit. If you want a hotel with a pool, mobile phone reception and a lift that goes to the top (there is actually a lift, surprisingly) then go to a hotel that has these things. This place is about last century charm. The dinner this evening was fantastic. The “Kitchen Brigade” did a fine job.

It's been grand to have Aven blogging along with us, and of course the Silent Majority. Share the adventure one and all! Speaking of sharing adventure, the current idea is that the next May Jamie and Claire tour will cover new book territory. Sam is lining up a stay in Lallybroch, which is new, but that also puts us in a different park of Scotland that would allow us to do the whole Claire Fraser, Army surgeon in the battle of Gladsmuir; Jamie et al sneaking through the bog in the dawn fog to surprise General Cope's sleeping army. Looking forward to that one.
So, luchd-leanntain (that's gaidhlig for “followers”), today is the last day of the tour for the Barr-Welles family. They will probably do a bit of yomping on the hills around the castle afore we leave for Glasgow. I've put in a few pics of the locale for your benefit.


  1. Most happy to join y'all. I'm living vicariously since (and I'm not complaining_at all_about this) we're hitting 68F today in Tennessee. If you wake up early enough, which I do, you can catch the frost on the ground before it melts away. I guess I could hike up and down our wee hill in the back yard to make it feel more realistic :)
    p.s. Bronwen would kill for Cee Cee's outfit. She's all about anything Pink or Princess related right now. (see our Christmas pics on Facebook for proof).

  2. Hey, we're out here and we're not too silent. Just didn't realize posting on FB didn't come thru on the blog. Am enjoying following along this trip - looks like you are all having a great time. Little Miss Pinkie Pie is a cutie, for sure, as are her sisters.


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