Thursday, 24 March 2011

The New Western Isles Tour

I'm a wee bit cock a hoop.  I'm just after uploading my new website which contains the new tour

"Journey to the Western Isles"

This is the tour we took The Sisters on last year, with a few tweeks.

The Western Isles are a real pilgrimage for the traveler - it takes a couple of days to get there - so they don't get much visited.  This is why we're looking forward to sharing their beauty with visitors who don't have the time to hire the camels, find an interpreter guide...

Eileanan na Siar, are still verra Gàidhlig in their outlook.  Hard living people in my experience.  Reserved, sharp witted.  Grand sorts.

The scenery is beyond words (and photos).  Imagine standing on the windy driven shores looking west out over the slate blue Atlantic, knowing that the next parish is America.  Nothing but gulls, storms and the cluster of rocks called St Kilda between you and the lands that many of these hardy folk were forced to emigrate to in the 19th Century.

I expound too much.  Go see the website and let me know it's all working well.
Moran Taing, many thanks, Scot