To Lallybroch We Go

So the May Tour Outlandish Spirits are going to be in for a treat. Amongst a surprise here or there we've told them that they're staying in their own Scottish Lallybroch.

With a 5 star reputation and lovely décor and everything in ship-shape order (Jenny would approve), our group will experience their own wee Estate lifestyle. They'll have time to walk the corridors, now carpeted, to sleep in the luxurious beds (probably no longer feathers and horsehair), to sit in the parlor with the fire and to gaze from the large sash windows out onto the great Scottish outdoors. They'll have first class dining experience around a big family table and a fantastic Scottish breakfast in the morning (if they have any room left). The stay is a new location and is a wee extra that Sam has been working on for the May tour guests. It'll be unique to them as it's probably a one time visit this year.

I've just checked with Herself, and she can make room for an eager one or two, but the tour closes very soon.

We have spring here today. Herself was working on her flower bed and I was making sure we'll be warm in the coming winter - chopping logs.


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