Friday, 15 April 2011

Squirrels Up A Tree

Scot is over in Brittany regaling folk at the Mythos Festival with tales of the Celts. He has taken our wee computer with him, so I'm now writing after returning home. The flowers and trees have been beautiful throughout the Highlands in April and I'm inspired to offer a tour this time next year.....

The last day of our trip brought us to a beautiful woodland; a much anticipated stop by Jamie and Claire as a special side trip - easy enough to do on a custom, private tour!

This day saw our family climbing up tall trees and swinging from zip wires in an adventure that even the squirrels must envy.

I think back to some of the books and I do believe that Brianna would have had fun designing something like this and wee Iain Murray would have had a blast gliding through the forests. Our 'Awesome Four' (as that is what I've dubbed them) enjoyed climbing, swinging, maneuvering through a very high, difficult course; definitely not a course for land lovers or wimps. In fact, I'd say that this is one of the best examples of Outlandish Spirits I've seen in person!

What is an Outlandish Spirit? It's many things to many people. But perhaps it's also someone who goes beyond what they normally do - they step outside of their own box and challenge themselves - they get up that extra bit of confidence and say "To heck with what everyone else thinks, this is something I want to do!" Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser lived her life outside of the box and stepped outside of her own comfort zone and her own world to do what she wanted to do. I see this same outlook in Vicki & Jim and admire their courage and dedication in their life together.

I bade a sad farewell in Edinburgh to our new friends........ ah but it is just farewell and not goodbye - or - as we like to say "Mar sin leibh en-drasta."
So, what is an Outlandish Spirit to you? What you've done that's been Outlandish (keep it clean :) ...ahem) and we'll share it here. What inspired you or influenced your life from the Outlander series?

Adieu, mes amis