Monday, 16 May 2011

The May Tour - Droch Isean

It's here again! The May Tour.

Let me introduce the ladies. Left to right
That's Courtney and her mother, Kelly. Hiding in the back is Dannelle and her mother Sally. In the front is Rebecca.

As followers of the Tour blogs will know. The first thing to do is establish the name for this particular, unique adventure.

Somewhere in the run up to the tour, Ducks were mentioned, so The Odd Duck Tour, is a possibility. If you'd met the ladies you'd know why that is appropriate. Then we found out how "witty" the ladies are (that's sarcastic) so Scot suggested "Droch Isean". It's a term used for badly behaved children, roughly meaning, "little brat". It's literal translation is "bad chicken".

So An Turas Dhroch Isean it is. The Tour of Bad Hens.

And here's some of Geillis Duncan's hens - we were in her herb garden this morning.

Musical accompaniment to this photo: "I see a bad moon risin'. I see trouble on the way..."

Hi all, it's Dannelle sharing the trouble of the day....and there wasn't any! We had a very nifty picnic lunch, after which some of us hiked up a Scottish hillside to a Big Surprise. Others went to visit a wee kirk and indulge in some hot chocolate. The view from the hike was AMAZING...even with the sheep dung sprinkled about for authenticity....we even got a bit of a Scottish sprinkle to keep us cool on the way up. We had a blast - at least I did - especially following Scot in his kilt and his walking stick and hiking hat - a piece of the 18th century here in the 21st! We all seem to have the same sense of humor and are having FUN.....

Sally isn't blogging this evening : "give the world my regards".

Tomorrow - oh you'll just have to tune in.

P.S. Sam here - it's been an early spring, so the Bluebells are carpeting the woodlands beautifully. Some of us took an alternate trip from the tall hill path to visit an old Kirk in the form of a small chapel and enjoy some moderate walking and views along a beautiful flowing river before stopping for a very tall cup of fluffy hot chocolate.

I've become the 'unofficial' hot chocolate connoisseur in Scotland, scoping out the best places to enjoy that ancient Aztec & Mayan creation. This particular concoction today was very good. And the Outlandish Spirit siting next to me was great fun. We sat in a small Post Office / Country Store / Cafe and chatted with some local Highland folk, a visitor from England having a cup of tea (of course) and the shop owner and her young daughter who had just come home from school and was having a piece of carrot cake - ah, the perks of your family owning a cafe!

Our Outlandish Spirits came through 'Clair's Stone' safely yesterday and were in awe of the experience. They've now traveled back in time, but alas they are all scantly dressed for this time period. It brings to mind Brianna and her trousers!

A special note to Carolyn, Aven & Marilyn, you are spoken of with great fondness to our Hens and have become part of our tour - we miss you all!