Thursday, 19 May 2011

Day 4 of Bad (Ass) hens


Sali here - (Hi, Boo!) It may be Day 4, but three of us are still giggling over last night's hunt for Isabella, the resident ghost of the baronial mansion where we passed the night. (Remind me to tell you about our utterly decadent four-posters!) The evening began with fluets of champagne toasting an utterly marvelous day - a day that saw us at the top of the world as well as beneath the earth. After dinner, our personal Bard regaled us with tales of Silkies and light-houses, his audience in rapt attention not interferring with sips of wine, coffee, tea - and the inevitable Pims & Lemonade. As midnight approached, Samantha and Scot floated off to their romantic plaid in the heather, and Dannelle and Rebecca to their sumptious suites. And that left three . . . night-caps anyone?

A Baronni and a couple of Pims & Lemonade had Kelly, Courtney and me following Simon and the keys to the mansion through one locked door after another, examining paintings and searching shadowy corners for a trace of Isabella. A drapery twitched, the eyes of a painting followed our movements, a door swung closed without human touch. Had Isabella found us?

Sam here - Scotland is full of some wonderful castles and ours provided an added highlight as the Lady of the castle came gracefully strolling up to the front. We enjoyed some lovely gardens today with beautiful fragrant flowers adorning our paths. I talked Sali into coming into seeing some special features and she was snapping photos of some lovely blue Icelandic Poppies for her hubby. On to a traditional pub to fortify ourselves before taking a good hard look at some Scottish Jacobite history and our hero, Jamie's involvement in it all.

"And also, here are some sheep."